Getting to our honeymoon (July 15-16th, 2009)

On Wednesday, July 15th at 11:00 am, we left for O'hare Airport in Chicago and made it with enough time to do some posting while we waited for boarding. It was an 8hr 45min flight on Alitalia to Rome. Pretty uneventful.

We arrived in Rome the next day and had to transfer to another Alitalia flight to Athens. It was about 2hrs. Here's a little video as we waited for boarding.

After arriving to Athens, we had to leave terminal in order to switch to Aegean Air for our flight to Santorini. Here's another video where we stepped out of the airport for some fresh air. When we finally got on our plane, it was only 45mins to get to Santorini.

On arriving to Santorini, we discovered that in switching airlines our baggage was lost! The Alitalia woman assured us that we wouldn't need to transfer our luggage ourselves and the baggage ticket even noted a transfer to Santorini. But apparently this wasn't heeded and the bags remained in Athens.

However, Ms. Rosa from Kivitos (the travel agency that setup our honeymoon), who came to meet us at the airport, helped figure everything out with the airline. They said they'd have the bags to us by the next day and they did! Around 9am on the 17th, the bags arrived at the hotel. We were so excited we took pictures of the suitcases (below).

It was an exhausting trip, but we were so happy to have made it! And our hotel room was awesome, complete with a pool bar.

Getting to the hotel from where we were dropped off was pretty interesting too. Hopefully we'll make a video about it later. (UPDATE: Here is the afformentioned video.)

More to come!